Hello Columbus, We are Shopworks Theatre Company. Shopworks is an organization dedicated to serving the DODD population with creative supports.  Our group writes acts and directs all productions.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Serve the Developmentally Disabled Community with theDirectives to Create, Develop and star in thier own productions. Through the art of the theatre all the performers are asked to design the sets, create the props,costumes lights and sound.


We are a Theatre company with two instructors and a growing ccompany of actors. We develop and write plays in a “roundtable” fashion. The Instructor Edits a well known play down to memories the actors have of the production. We build on that through Improv to flesh out the rest of the story.

General Information

 Shopworks proudly operates in Our own dedicated space located in North Columbus  We operate Monday through Friday from 10am to 3 pm.  Shopworks provides transport to all of our actors to and from their home location.  Every other month we perform our current show with evening and matinee performances to choose from.  Shopworks also tours in the summer and we go to onsite locations for site specific events.  We gladly welcome a broad audience base to enjoy an evening or day at the theatre with special attention paid to the needs of our community.

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